Mahindra USA Inc

Mahindra USA, Inc. manufactures agricultural machinery and equipment. The Company supplies tractors, cutters, box scrapers, blades, and other related equipment. Mahindra USA  serves customers worldwide. The world’s largest selling tractor brand by volume, and the World’s number one tractor maker for over three decades, Mahindra is the only tractor company to have won the Deming Prize and Japan Quality Medal.

Why Drupal

  • Support for a Company-Wide Rebranding
  • Migration to a more robust and flexible platform in Drupal 8
  • Integration with third-party Customer relationship management applications
  • Internationalization
  • Efficient Scalability
  • Integration with Sales Team SAS


  • Increase Mahindra’s seller community with extra certified buyer leads
  • Unify sub-sites and portals for a single-user experience
  • Build your own tractor feature development
  • Allow the marketing team to easily manage content
  • Design a contemporary and responsive interface for customers and administrators

The Project

Pixeldust took a broad view of Mahindra’s digital ecosystem and found that their product registration system and knowledge base usability to be critical to the project’s success. Being aware of those interdependent platforms, Pixeldust rebuilt Mahindra’s portal on the Drupal platform with a brand new design that optimizes the lead seize capture process.

Integrating the user portal with the general public website gives seamless expertise for customers, dealers, and Mahindra’s internal users. To pave the way, Pixeldust created a brand new sitemap and redirect plan to mitigate the chance of web redevelopment fallout. A global web optimization strategy served to proactively address duplicate content material points between the mirrored Mahindra USA and Mahindra CA websites.

Design: In the course of the wireframing and design phases, we ensured that the needs of every persona can be met by the new structure. User analytics additionally validated the significance of making use of a mobile-first technique to design, engage, and personal expertise.

The new design gives a contemporary, clear appear and feel. Daring, fluid pictures scale easily for big shows right down to phone formats. Clear calls-to-action and direct paths to view merchandise information to customers via an information-rich purchasing expertise. Beyond visible improvements, the new website gives a versatile solution for Mahindra USA to manage its own current content and assets. Content editors are additionally empowered to create new pages with a variety of template choices.

React and Node.js: Pixeldust took on the problem of integrating with Mahindra’s third-party point-of-sale platform to facilitate product registration and web-based registrations. By the use of the Mahindra USA phone app, prospects can register their Mahindra USA products, permitting sellers to obtain immediate notifications and repair reminders. Pixeldust constructed an application utilizing Node.js and React that serves as an automated solution.

The custom middleware integrates the Websocket based API from Mahindra’s third-party provider with Drupal. Now, simple logging, error messages, and updates are saved in Drupal. React was leveraged to construct a user interface on top of the Node.js app for Mahindra USA to manage the connection between the WebSocket API and Drupal. Because of this, real-time product updates can be sent to customers and dealers on Mahindra USA.

Pixeldust analyzed the present website’s site use analytics to discover a variety of concurrent customers, observe persona habits, and calculate the potential for future development. In coordination with Pantheon hosting, load checks have been designed to load balance site visitors.

Features and Challenges

Mahindra USA has a deeply integrated lead capture system, which permits a buyer to be connected with the suitable dealer via a number of factors including availability and location. The website is a key lead generation software for Mahindra. Pixeldust’s configuration of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics was critical to metrics tracking.

Versatile integration with a dozen third-party applications and proprietary systems — including CRM, knowledge analytics, and a brand new, cloud-based product data administration system — make Drupal the central software for Mahindra USA administrators. Drupal 8’s highly effective suite of built-in connection protocols made it possible to import content through RESTful API without custom application development.

Build Your Own Tractor

Mahindra’s Build Your Own application simplifies a typically complicated process that may in any other case overwhelm a buyer. The feature and pricing filters serve to streamline product cross-selling and configuration. IP lookup software detects the geolocation for localized product availability.

Drupal’s internationalization capabilities have been leveraged to translate content material between Mahindra’s USA and South American websites. The content material on is written in English however it is dealt with as a separate language. When new content material is published, it may be translated to French.


Constructed on the Drupal 8 platform, the implementation provides a scalable structure that allows seamless integration with third-party integrations. With Pixeldust’s continued support, Mahindra USA will be able to implement regular improvements for streamlined workflows and changes in operational standards. Website driven sales continue to increase over each quarter by 10% since the initial launch of the rebuild.




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