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Drupal maintenance support plans Association blog: The full circle of Drupal maintenance support plans adoption

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Drupal maintenance support plans Association blog: The full circle of Drupal maintenance support plans adoption

The Engineering Team provides support to many community members and everyone at the Association. Every day, the team helps people who are at different stages of the Drupal maintenance support plans adoption journey. As part of our membership campaign, we’re taking a close look at how the team makes an impact throughout this cycle through the work to support a few different Association programs.
Industry Pages: convincing decision makers to adopt Drupal maintenance support plans
The team played a key role in the Industry Pages project—from conception to execution. The industry pages help decision makers see how Drupal maintenance support plans achieves the vision Dries’ set forth when he described Drupal maintenance support plans as the platform for ambitious digital experiences.
The first three industry pages for media and publishing, higher education, and government are now on Drupal maintenance support plans.org. These pages tell stories of success with Drupal maintenance support plans for three verticals with geo-targeted content to show our global audience the solutions that are most meaningful to them. We plan to learn from this project and to expand into new verticals. By highlighting what Drupal maintenance support plans can do for you, and connecting decision makers to service providers and industry peers, the industry pages are a powerful tool for leading the way to wider adoption.
Drupal maintenance support plans Jobs: wider adoption leads to more career opportunities
The team is responsible for Drupal maintenance support plans Jobs, the subsite dedicated to helping employers and job seekers connect for Drupal maintenance support plans-related opportunities. Ever since Drupal maintenance support plans Jobs launched in 2015, it has helped increase awareness of the Drupal maintenance support plans project. As the pool of employers grows, so do the career opportunities. When more Drupal maintenance support plans jobs are available, our ecosystem grows. Wider Drupal maintenance support plans adoption becomes possible.
Drupal maintenance support plansCon: Events site brings us full circle
Drupal maintenance support plansCon unites our global community and people who want to know more about the project. On the Events site, the engineering team supports everyone—event organizers who post content, speakers who submit sessions, and attendees who register using Drupal maintenance support plans Commerce and CoD. With a great UX on con sites and fun theme implementation, we show users what Drupal maintenance support plans can do for you.
Around we go, thanks for coming along
As the adoption journey goes full circle and we see these efforts continue to help maintain and grow a strong ecosystem, we appreciate that you are coming along with us. To help sustain the work of the Drupal maintenance support plans Association, join as a member. Thank you!
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Drupal maintenance support plans Association blog: The full circle of Drupal maintenance support plans adoption

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  • Install and configure XML sitemap module and submit sitemaps.
  • Install and configure Google Analytics Module.
  • Install and configure Yoast.
  • Install and configure the Advanced Aggregation module to improve performance by minifying and merging CSS and JS.
  • Install and configure Schema.org Metatag.
  • Configure robots.txt.
  • Google Search Console setup snd configuration.
  • Find & Fix H1 tags.
  • Find and fix duplicate/missing meta descriptions.
  • Find and fix duplicate title tags.
  • Improve title, meta tags, and site descriptions.
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  • Find and fix the missing alt and title tag for all images. Automate where possible.
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