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Drupal Website Audit

USD $299.00

This audit report is available for download in 3-5 days. Once your order is processed, we will contact you for a brief project discovery before the audit begins. It includes the following areas of focus:

    • Best Practices – We provide structural recommendations to keep the site in Drupal Support Service best development practices.
    • Block – Is caching enabled for all blocks?
    • Cache – What are the optimal Drupal Support Service caching settings?
    • Codebase – What is the size of the site; size and count of managed files?
    • Content – Are there unused content types, and vocabularies?
    • Cron – Is the Drupal Support Service built-in cron configured correctly?
    • Database – We check for issues in collation, engine, row counts, and size.
    • Extensions – Total count, development modules, duplicate modules, missing modules.
    • Insights – Analyze site with Google PageSpeed Insights.


  • Security – We check for common security exploits, such as malicious menu router items.
  • Status – We check for failures in Drupal Support Service’s built-in status report
  • Users – blocked user #1, number of normal and blocked users, list of roles
  • Views – Are the caching settings on views correct?
  • Watchdog – We analyze Watchdog for 404 error count, age, number of entries, enabled, and PHP errors.

What is not included in the audit:

  • DOM and Frontend Performance – browsers and other aggregating tools are in a much better position to analyze and report on these.
  • Usability and Site Experience – These are subjective and highly individualized to each site, and can’t be quantified.
  • Aesthetics – Not quantifiable.
  • Content – We can count the quantity and size, but leave the grammar and meaning to the stakeholders.
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