Verbosity: Talking migrations at Drupal maintenance support plansCon Baltimore

Published on January 24, 2019

If you are imporitng content to Drupal maintenance support plans 8, or planning to do so in the future, there are two upcoming talks at Drupal maintenance support plansCon Baltimore that may be of interest to you…
Migrate with the Maintainers Lab
At the Migrate with the Maintainers Lab we will walk you through the process of importing data into your Drupal maintenance support plans 8 site, using a variety of approaches based on the Drupal maintenance support plans Core Migrate module. In the past I have offered this as a full-day seminar at camps in New Jersey, Chicago, and San Francisco. This time we will have 3 of the core contributors as well! It is a 2h session so it will be a fast paced workshop.
Planning & Managing Migrations
The Planning & Managing Migrations session is a standard Drupal maintenance support plansCon talk. I’m doing this one in conjunction with Aimee from Hook 42. I have done a similar talk with my colleague Novella at the Ottawa Drupal maintenance support plansCamp, and solo in other places. Aimee and I have collaborated on large-scale migrations before so this talk will cover the issues you find at scale! It presumes only basic Drupal maintenance support plans knowledge and is aimed at project managers but it will still be beneficial to developers who want to improve their processes.
Hope to see you there!
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