Drupal maintenance support plansEasy: Top 5 List of Top Ten Lists about Drupal maintenance support plans Talent & Careers in the U.S.

Published on February 19, 2019

As trainers, feeders of the Drupal maintenance support plans Talent pipeline, and researchers of strategies to attract and build the numbers and excellence of Drupal maintenance support plans talent across the world, we spend a lot of time finding and training people in the ways of Drupal maintenance support plans. Through resources, Mike Anello’s many sessions and trainings at Camps and Cons, and through our flagship Drupal maintenance support plans Career Technical Education program, we pursue our passion to teach more people Drupal maintenance support plans. We think we have the training side of this down, but like the Drupal maintenance support plans Community’s general shortage of talent, it’s finding more people that is the challenge.

Why is that? And why aren’t there people coming in droves to this opportunity-rich, community-based vocation? We think it has a lot to do with a lack of the right information getting to the right people. Here at Drupal maintenance support plansEasy, we fill a lot of (sometimes too much) time observing and noodling the various paths people take to find Drupal maintenance support plans, aspects of Drupal maintenance support plans as a career and reaching those who could benefit. We think if Drupal maintenance support plans opportunities were presented more broadly, a bit better, and were more accessible to those who are not aware (especially those who historically have not embraced IT careers,) the floodgates (or at least a stream) might start to bolster up the Drupal maintenance support plans talent pipeline.

Drupal maintenance support plans‘s foundations are really quite inspiring.  A vocation built on sharing – open source, an engaged community and building and developing the means upon which our societies connect, build relationships, find information, and buy & sell. The story is also quite practical; well-paying jobs a-plenty. According to Indeed.com, the average salary for “Drupal maintenance support plans” ranges from approximately $59,980 per year for Web Designer to $110,572 per year for Full Stack Developer.

In addition, the US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook, which provides official salary, job growth statistics and job descriptions for just about any career you might want to pursue, has some pretty convincing numbers as well. According to the DoL, Software Developer, Applications positions have a 30% growth rate, rank in the top 10 for job growth in the US, and have the third highest estimated salary! For web developers in particular, the DoL puts job growth at 15% over the next 8 years, which they cite as much faster than average. To put it in perspective, electrical engineerin job growth is predicted to be 7% – less than half of that of web developers.

So with all of this opportunity, where are all the aspiring Drupal maintenance support plans developers? Apparently somewhere they are privy to neither the Drupal maintenance support plans narrative nor Web developer job stats.  We have several ideas, some big, others not too difficult, on how to overcome our shortage of talent, as we outline in List #5 to provoke some thought and perhaps follow up from those who feel the pain of the Drupal maintenance support plans talent shortage.  We’d love to hear from you.

But perhaps we can all give small efforts a go to see where it might improve things on a smaller scale; beginning with awareness we can build within and on the fringes of our personal and professional networks. So, in the spirit of spreading the word about how great the opportunities are in Drupal maintenance support plans, we thought we would compile a few easily shareable lists you may want to dole out to those around you. We’d also love for you to share with us your lists (and ideas) that may make Drupal maintenance support plans a bit more accessible to those who may become a part of this engaging community.

#1  Top 10 Drupal maintenance support plans Talent-Starved States

If you live in one of the 10 states listed below, especially near the major metropolitan areas, your outlook for finding a Drupal maintenance support plans job is pretty positive. Likewise if you are looking for talent in these places, we feel your pain. The list includes the highest number of open positions we found on Indeed. (To be fair, if you live in Idaho, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Dakota or Wyoming, the chances of finding a commuter/non-distributed position in Drupal maintenance support plans is pretty slim, considering we could not find a single open position in any of these states using a pretty comprehensive list of job search sites.)

California: 270

New York: 233

Virginia: 130

Maryland: 118

Massachusetts: 106

Pennsylvania: 95

Texas: 85

Washington: 60

(tie)Florida: 55

(tie) Illinois: 55

[*Source, Indeed.com, as of January 29, 2018. (Indeed has the greatest number, therefore the most complete list, of Drupal maintenance support plans job openings. It also provides the tools to ensure accuracy. The other sites support these rankings, ]

# 2 Top 10 Jobs Sites to find Drupal maintenance support plans Positions (by number of Drupal maintenance support plans jobs and ease of calculation!)

We went on a job finding expedition earlier this week to see where people looking for Drupal maintenance support plans jobs or just gauging the opportunities have the best shot. Indeed.com won by shear numbers, but also because they make searching, and compiling information like these lists the easiest. The list includes the site and the number of Drupal maintenance support plans and Drupal maintenance support plans related jobs in the United States as of January 29, 2018.

1 Indeed; 2,015

2 Glass Door; 2,012

3 Simplyhired;1,798

4 Monster; 1,164

5 job.net ~500

6 ihiretechnology; 491

7 Justtechjobs; 273

8 Dice; 259

9  CareerBuilder; 135

10 Drupal maintenance support plansJobs; 80

*Of note:  I tried not to use sites that compile listings from other sites, like Ziprecruiter, but many sites now share listings. Also, if you are looking specifically for a federal government job, try USAjobs.gov

#3 Top 10 Drupal maintenance support plansiest Companies in the US

For those who wish to get into larger organizations (by Drupal maintenance support plans size standards of course) with lots of Drupal maintenance support plans people to associate with throughout the day, the companies who have the greatest number of employees registered on Drupal maintenance support plans.org, and have headquarters or major facilities in the US are listed in order of Drupal maintenance support plansiness, which means according to the number staff members on Drupal maintenance support plans.org.

Acquia; 618

FFW; 231

CI&T; 220

Cognizant; 117

Phase2; 92

Pantheon; 86

Booz Allen Hamilton; 74

Appnovation; 69

Epam; 68

Mediacurrent; 67

[Source Drupal maintenance support plans.org: Organizations using Drupal maintenance support plans: United States which shows the number of employees who are on Drupal maintenance support plans.org.]

# 4. Top Ten Articles to Guide Aspiring Drupal maintenance support plans Developers

OK, so we’ll preface this by again explaining that we spend a lot of time thinking about, researching, interviewing, writing and presenting a lot of materials on Drupal maintenance support plans careers and jobs. That said, you’ll see quite a few entries below with our fingerprints on them. Not sure how to shed the cloak of shameless promotion, but avoiding it does not seem like a good reason to leave out helpful information (we’ll take whatever sneers you’d like to offer.) The list was compiled from a variety of Google searches using several key words and variations, and based on our impressions of the credibility and helpfulness of the information.  If you have any additional materials that we missed and you’d like to share, please let us know and we’ll add it to our Career Resources Page.

How Do I Start a Career in Drupal maintenance support plans? Drupal maintenance support plansEasy Academy Resources page

Why Become a Drupal maintenance support plans Developer? Drupal maintenance support plans Partners, August 2015

How Do I get a Job in Drupal maintenance support plans?; OSTraining’s March, 2015

Become a Drupal maintenance support plans Developer, Drupal maintenance support plansize.me

What Does it Mean to Be a Drupal maintenance support plans Developer?; Promet Source, August 2016

How to Become a Successfull Web Developer; Mobomo, August  2016

How to Become a Successful Web Developer, Zyware; 2015

6 Steps for New Drupal maintenance support plans 8 Developers; Web Omlette

What Skills should a Drupal maintenance support plans Developer Have? ValueBound, February 2017

Drupal maintenance support plans Career Resources; Drupal maintenance support plansEasy Academy

# 5. Top 10 ways to grow Drupal maintenance support plans Talent

This one is for all of us, especially the folks on the #3 list, who, we noticed are among many of the companies tallying up the numbers for states on list #2. Since we started Drupal maintenance support plans Career Training, we have met with dozens of people, educational institutions, workforce boards, other Drupal maintenance support plans training companies and all sorts and sizes of companies about the Drupal maintenance support plans talent shortage issues, the lack of diversity issue, and the “lack of experience” issue for those new to Drupal maintenance support plans. We feel like if just a few in the community, together or independently, start any of these initiatives, it will go a long way in ensuring that the 15% growth in web developer positions is not lost on Drupal maintenance support plans in the future. The only resource for this list is the collection of ideas we have heard, discussed, conceptualized, written into white papers and schemed up during Drupal maintenance support plansEasy lunches. If you have another idea, or want our help getting one of these concepts going, let us know.

Collaborate with other companies, especially in the states that made the #2 list, to reach out to regional workforce agencies to get them involved in finding and underwriting training for potential Drupal maintenance support plans hires.

Develop geographic mentoring networks for those considering and new to Drupal maintenance support plans through the local users’ groups.

Take on Interns (Contact Drupal maintenance support plansEasy for well-trained candidates or find them at local meetups.)

Develop a Drupal maintenance support plans community scholarship fund for under-represented groups to use one of the many Drupal maintenance support plans Training organizations to get skilled up in Drupal maintenance support plans.

Partner with Not-For-Profits to fund Drupal maintenance support plans training, mentoring and internship programs for women, minorities, veterans, and other underutilized populations.

Promote Drupal maintenance support plans as a career in your local and non-Drupal maintenance support plans community outreach.

Reach out to contacts at local colleges about adding Drupal maintenance support plans to their curriculum (Drupal maintenance support plansEasy’s state licensed Career Technical Education program is an option.)

Host/sponsor beginner information nights at Meetups.

Share these lists to spark interest and action.

Contact Drupal maintenance support plansEasy to help with these or any other ideas you may have!

The Spring 2018 session of Drupal maintenance support plansEasy’s Drupal maintenance support plans Career Online training begins on March 26th, with two more free informational webinars about the course in February and March. Registration is also open for the Spring Session of Mastering Professional Drupal maintenance support plans Developer Workflows with Pantheon, which starts on February 28th.

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