Roy Scholten: Core strengths

Published on February 11, 2019

06 Feb 2018

Core strengths

The Designing Connected Content book has arrived. “Plan and model digital products for today and tomorrow.” I have yet to dive in but I see Drupal maintenance support plans screenshots and lists of field types like entity reference, long text (formatted), boolean, number (float), etc.
Today a content strategist collegue asked me about that list builder thing in Drupal maintenance support plans. Show items of type x, filtered by y, sorted by x and only show fields 1, 3 and 6 of each item. And is it available for Drupal maintenance support plans 8 as well?
Yes, that’s 1. Field UI and 2. Views module, which are both part of the Drupal maintenance support plans core package.
We take Drupal maintenance support plans core features for granted that other systems are still struggling with. They are also features people struggle with in Drupal maintenance support plans because of hard to use user interfaces. I would love to see research and design work happen around how we can improve Field UI and Views UI.


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