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Published on January 25, 2019

Andrew The Professor posted a photo:

It was mostly the bow, in Tawny’s hair, that drew me to her. She had been browsing jewellery, in the pop up market, in the village of Street. I wanted to chat for a few moments before making any portraits, so suggested that we walk a little. We crossed the road and sat down outside Boots the chemist.

Tawny had just been to see the dentist. She was on her way to work and hadn’t had breakfast yet. She also said that she was not photogenic. How kind of Tawny to say “yes” to my request. I have been encouraged over and over again, by the generosity of strangers and their willingness to take part, even when they don’t feel naturally comfortable being photographed.

Tawny works full time, as a website developer in Glastonbury. She has been employed by the same company for 5 years [Indigo Herbs]. Tawny was interviewed for a dispatch job but was taken on instead to work in tech, after mentioning her interest in the website and taught herself everything over time.

As we walked Tawny told me that she didn’t have a particular expression for photographs, or something like that. When it came to making portraits, I followed a tip recommended by Poupetta. I asked Tawny to “Take a breath and think of someone you love”.

I must learn to have my camera ready for a quick shot, when I say this because, as often as not, the person will laugh and I miss it. Tawny took a breath and laughed. She told me that she had thought of her pet rabbit. The white rabbit lives in the house with Tawny and her partner.

Tawny seemed a little familiar to me when we first met. As we said our goodbyes, she told me that she had been approached before, in a similar way but that she had declined. She had been in a hurry to get somewhere. It was probably me. My memory works like that. Any way, I am glad that Tawny said “yes” this time.

Thank you Tawny, for being part of my project. It was great to meet you. Best wishes with your work and life at home.

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